Epic Art

Seven grand EpicArtTM murals in five locations all depicting important historic moments leading up to the battle of San Jacinto.

View one of the largest displays of digitally rendered photographic art in the world in one of the mostly unlikely places in the world -- on massive storage tanks near Houston, Texas. As you travel through the San Jacinto Texas Historic District, you can drive alongside giant oil storage tanks adorned with EpicArtTM depicting the emotions and trials of the Texas Army's final approach to the battle that would determine their fate and the fate of Texas.

Every aspect these pieces are historically accurate in terms of the moments in time they represent. Even the clothing worn by actors in the artwork is historically accurate down to the types of fabric and buttons used during the period.The idea of placing authentic historic images on these huge surfaces was conceived as a way to present local history along the connecting highway from Houston to the famous San Jacinto Battlefield. The huge white surfaces of industrial storage tanks have been transformed into canvases portraying the dramatic history of this region in what will eventually become a museum without walls.

You now can see seven enormous pieces on display. This project is transforming our region into one of the world’s most truly unique places. An area that marks its rich historical past while embracing the present and future. It is our goal to celebrate our heritage in a way that brings pride and beauty to the area we live and work.

EpicArtTM in chronological order: